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Square to Round Pots




These black plastic plant pots are ideal for maximising plant numbers in smaller spaces in the early stages in the plants development.

A couple of sizes of square to round pots will see the plant through from cuttings/seedlings to their final pot size.

There are lots of opinions out there as to whether square or round pots are best, in reality when you are just using them to pot your young plants on until they have developed a good root structure for the final pot, the shape of the interim pots is not going to make or break the final result.

We like these because they save space when the plants are very small and provide nice easy release on reducing damage to the roots on transplanting (at which point we always recommend a mycorrhizal product such as Intense Granules or Mykos).

Available in 1l, 2l, 3l, and 5l sizes.

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