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Sun Systems LEC 315W Kit




The Sun Systems LEC reflector for 315W CMH light is an American made vertical lamp reflector. They are actually a special UK edition of the top selling Sun Systems LEC 315W which has a built-in ballast – the UK edition is exactly the same fixture but without the ballast.

Testing by Maxigrow have shown that this reflector puts down 27% more light into the plant growing area than their standard 315W single lamp reflector.

The reflector is built from 95-98% reflective German aluminium and puts down a perfect square footprint of light. We love vertical lamp reflectors at Greens so the quality of this unit combined with the awesome health of plants grown under CMH lamps make this set up one of the best all round grow light packages on the market. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for and this really is a nice bit of kit.

In case you are wondering the “LEC” you see in the product name refers to it stands for “Light Emitting Ceramic”– this is just an American brand name for a type of CMH lamp, it has no relevance to the performance of the reflector.

The reflector measures 460 (L) x 460 (W) x 220 (H) and as with all of our 315W CMH kits the ballsts are Maxibright 315W, the lamps are the recommended Philips 930 & 942 Daylight & Agro 315W CMH versions.

Please note – the price shown is a baseline price, please contact us for discounts if you require more than one kit. All kits are held in stock and can be dispatched the same day.

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