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Telos-0010 LED Grow Light


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The Telos 10 LED Grow Light has been on the market for a while and of the many units we have tested this is one of the few that made the grade.

As with most of the market leading LED Grow Lights the Telos employs mainly white LED’s with some additional reds mixed in for enhanced flowering performance.

The Telos 10 is the largest and most powerful in the range featuring 10 X 30W CREE modules – being modular these can be upgraded as technology progresses.  The unit is not dimmable but at 300W there really is no need – you can propagate under it at 100 – 150cm away.

The build quality of the Telos units is second to none, they are IP66 rated (meaning they are effectively waterproof) and they are backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Some specifications (from the manufacturer):

Consumption: 300W

Output (PPF): 559 μmol/s

Fixture efficiency: 1.9 μmols/J

Dimensions: 47.5cm (l) X 24.9cm (w) X 16cm (h)

Coverage: up to 1.2m X 1.2m*

*Note: a single unit will cover this area for medium height fruiting/flowering plants but if you are replacing a 600W HID light you will need two of these units for comparable results.

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