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Timers & Contactors

  • grasslin-timer

    Grasslin Timer

  • Heavy Duty Timer

  • maxiswitch_2way_controller-1

    Maxiswitch 2-Way Light Controller (10A)

  • maxiswitch_4way_controller-1

    Maxiswitch 4-Way Light Controller (13A)

  • maxiswitch_8way_controller-1

    Maxiswitch 8-Way Light Controller (26A)

  • maxiswitch-pro2-1

    Maxiswitch PRO 2-Way 13A Contactor

    Out of stock
  • maxiswitch-pro-4-way-1

    Maxiswitch PRO 4-Way 26A Contactor

    Out of stock
  • maxiswitch-pro6-1

    Maxiswitch PRO 6-Way 26A Contactor

  • MaxiSwitchPRO8way-1

    Maxiswitch PRO 8-Way 26A Contactor

    Out of stock
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