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Vitalink Plantstart




Vitalink Plantstart is Vitalink’s propagation nutrient that has been specially formulated to support plant nutrition in very young plants – they have concentrated on the use of boron and calcium, two elements that are critical for early stage growth.

Vitalink Plantstart feed contains everything cuttings and seedlings require for fast and healthy rooting during the formative stage of plant growth. Benefits include:

  • Maximum early stage root development
  • Increased resistance to infection and disease
  • Gives young plants a solid foundation for healthy growth later in life

Plantstart comes in 250ml, 1l and 5l bottles.

Vitalink Plantstart FAQ’s:

What are the dosage rates?

For pre-soaking propagation cubes use 3-4ml/L. Seedlings/rooted cuttings = 6-8ml/L.

How does Plantstart compare to Ionic Nutrients Formulex?

There’s not much in it, both are solid early stages formulations.

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